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For more than a quarter century, the people of Cyberex® have been providing innovative, timely power solutions in response to customer needs. Our commitment to excellence has been demonstrated thousands of times - by providing the security that only comes from having truly uninterruptible power. Our mission is to satisfy our customers with fast, flexible and customer-focused solutions that exceed your expectations.


Cyberex Mission Critical: Loss of data can mean losing millions of dollars every minute. In the critical power arena, the need for stable power is paramount. The loss of a single data record can mean the permanent loss of business, and Cyberex products provide power quality solutions that ensure reliability and uptime.

Cyberex Industrial Power Conditioning: From the clean environment of a data center to the harsh conditions of an offshore oil platform, Cyberex industrial power systems meet the challenge of providing clean, dependable electric power to industry, government, and the service sector.